Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I pay for upholstery and should I makeover my daughter's bedroom??

I know in the land of blogging....I could be shunned for not doing something myself. But the truth is..... I can paint, but I can't reupholster!!!!

Several years ago when we learned we were expecting a baby girl after 2 boys, I couldn't wait to decorate a girl's bedroom!!!   Then reality set in...some of the items I wanted for her room were just out of my price range.  I couldn't afford a chair like this that I wanted for Ava's nursery....

(Angelica Empire Adult Glider Chair by Angel Song- $ 1250.00)

Ouch on that price tag!

But yet I wanted a beautiful rocking chair in plush fabrics that I could rock my princess to sleep in.
So, I let all of my garage-saling, antique-store-looking friends know what I was looking for. And one of the girls who worked for me found this rocker and footstool for me for $60 total. They didn't match, but it didn't matter!

I had a designer girlfriend help me select fabrics from JoAnn's crafts and I waited for them to go on sale. I found a small, local company in Liberty, MO who specialized in recovering furniture and hired them to do the hard stuff!

My designer friend suggested that I recover the 2 sides of the seat cushion with different fabric on each side so I could flip it as I wish. She is a genius and knows I tire of things easily!  We did sweet chenille on one side and a plaid on the other. One of my girlfriends made me the toile pillow and viola! My rocking chair was recovered.

 (chenille fabric seat)

(plaid fabric seat)

 I am heartbroken now that 4 years later....I am thinking of getting rid of the chair and ottoman. Ava wants a new room.   She wants me to do her bedroom "in blue ....cuz' blue is my passion".  LOL. She is soooooo my daughter.

This momma is struggling tho' to scrap my baby's room.  It's still one of my favorites in my house!!!

You can see more of my daughters room by clicking here!

So.......Do I keep the chair for sentimental value? (we are still adopting, so I may have a toddler in the house again soon!)

Do I break it to my girl now that WHEN I redo her room.....Momma plans on it being hot pink and orange....not blue????

Or do I start letting her have an opinion on her room this early???

Decisions. Decisions.


Melanie said...

I let the kids decorate their room when they are old enough to care. Yes it means I didnt get the awesome plaids and stripes I wanted for my son's room (CARS theme sigh) and Allie is starting to have some thoughts about her room, but in the end I figure its supposed to be their little corners of the home. I get to make decisions for the rest.

Frugal Jen said...

I love her room!! I let my oldest start decorating her room when she was in 5th grade (we've moved since then). Now she is almost 16 and she wants blue too but I spent a ton of time and $$ making her a purple room just 2 years ago.

This has been a hot topic in our house. Once I do one kids room then the others want their room redone too.

McAtee Family said...

Take it from me - let her have input! Or, she'll hate it and you will be redoing it a year later, just to make her happy! Haley's new room - not a thing I would have chosen, but she finally loves it.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You may be re-doing it in a year anyway... I think you can find a nice compromise... if it's HOT colors you're going for...maybe try adding in some orange with that blue... or some lime green...
but what do I know. I only buy Ooops! paint remember. I couldn't CHOOSE COLOR if my life depended on it!

...I say keep the chair. Pat

Tara said...

I'd definitely start redoing it, a 4 year old probably doesn't need a crib (although I don't know how old those photos are). With my daughter, I chose bedding with lots of colors, the Pottery Barn Surfer Girl set, and then I'm letting her pick out accessories & pull colors she likes from it. That way I know it all matches & works in the room. Her furniture is all white so we can change out bedding & accessories pretty cheaply. We move about every three years so she can keep her room decor or change it, it's up to her.

sdjhae said...

I would let her help you with it. If she cares she will not stop ! My daughter has hot pink and orange and at first I was like no way but it has been 5 years and I still love her room. Maybe you could do the pink and orange with pops of blue and have white to make it all work :)

Jill of all Trades said...

You could get away with keeping her baby room a bit longer by reminding her that the newest member of your family will probably be a girl, and it's only fair to let new sister pick some things out, too. (Assuming she and Ava would be sharing a room...). If not, I think you're stuck letting her have at least some input. :)

Ti Bo said...

Well, since you already know that you grow tired of things, of course you know that so shall the kiddo! : )
She will only be there for SO long, boy graduates from HS next week!!! : ( and already taking college courses, so this mama knows, very soon, she shall be able to redo his room to whatever she wants for HE WON"T BE IN IT ANY LONGER!!! : (
OK... so tears wiped, let her redo in what she likes because...
1) you can set a budget, she can learn from this!
2) you won't have to worry about the decor because she will veto or non veto and have the ideas!
3) the two of you can go shopping, brainstorming... a)what fun and time well spent together b) she will be in practice for rooms and home later down the road... and there are more positives you can fill in there!
4) You can have a slip cover made and the fabric below will still be there for changing out later... and if you are lucky, do a double sided slip cover so that you can get MULTI looks from it! and even do a more juvenile print for the kiddo to come on the opposite side in case you want to move it to another room for him/her.
5)The biggest one for me, SHE WILL NOT BE THERE FOREVER and you will miss her... but you can then change the room to whatever you like! even back to the way it was!
~Suggestion, blog out, email out, send notes to friends and family... looking for this/that... in this shade(s)... Then, when they come on things at thrift stores, clearances or their own homes, it can help you out!
I hope that helps! ...just my thoughts!
anxious to see the new room!! : )

sandi said...

i may be in the minority here but unless my daughters are paying for it i would not let them have but so much say. right now they are 4 and 8 and really don't care, so it's easy for me to make that comment! we had polka dots on the ceiling of our sons room when he was younger. after we moved i had to return to the home to drop off something with the new owner. she asked if i wanted to look around. the nursery was now an office and the ceiling had been painted back to white... but you could still barely see the outline of the circles. all that hard work!

all that said, maybe once the oldest daughter is 11-12 we might update their room. but for now they really like it! of course the boy could care less what his looks like (ha)

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