Thursday, November 29, 2012

My first time using CeCe Caldwell paints & I am sold!

And so I give you....... my first project using CeCe Caldwell paints.  I know..... I am a late bloomer.  Most of you have probably already tried it!

Nickol from Mockingbird Heights here in KC was kind enough to let me play with a few CeCe colors.  I chose the Destin Gulf Green and the Alaskan Tundra Green. One of the things I decided I love about the CeCe paints is the names......all the colors are named after places in the US....patriotic and easy to remember! I love it!!!

I tried the paint on this cute, little black shutter cabinet that my man picked up for me for $10 at an estate sale.

One of the paint's biggest selling points is that there is no prep. None.  No sanding needed. NO primer needed.   And I am all over that.  I have a garage full of slick furniture....I can't wait to try it on some of those pieces!

I also loved that there is no smell to this paint....none.  Usually wax has a really strong smell, but this did not.

And it's so natural that they say you can eat it....which I didn't.  But it's good to know in case I am ever stranded in my studio and starving to death.

So we started to play with the paint and here is the only thing that messed with me....  It dries down much lighter than it goes on....then the waxing step is what brings the color back.

So this is what the cabinet looked like with mostly Alaskan Tundra on it. Then we added a bunch of the Destin Gulf Green and sanded it back.

It looked like this right before the clear wax.

And then like this right AFTER the wax.

So even tho the whole "drying down lighter" thing threw me for a curveball.....the waxing part is SERIOUSLY fun!!!!  The piece came to light right in front of me. And....the wax is super soft and amazing to the it a sheen/feel that you just can't get from regular satin paint.

My son Noah wanted to take pictures of me showing the piece off.....when it was like 25 degrees outside and spitting raindrops.

So I am smiling, but through my gritted teeth I am telling Noah to "hurry up!".

We were loading it up to take to The Red Apron in Liberty where I sell my furniture.

And where is sold the first morning it was there.

So, goodbye little blue shutter cabinet.

And hello CeCe Caldwell paint..... I am sold! 

One final thought on this paint....the cost is higher than I am used to, which is one of the reasons I had not yet tried it. But, I literally used maybe a 1/4 of the sample container to do this piece (which was $9.50 for the sample size). So I am thinking a quart of this paint could get you through a garage stall of furniture.  And that to me is totally worth it!

Thank you Mockingbird Heights so much for the chance to try it!!

PS...because of the Christmas holiday, the Red Apron is open the 2nd weekend in December instead of the 3rd. So come see us on Dec 7 & 8!!!  I will have more furniture for sale then!


Suzan said...

Thanks for your review. I have been wanting to try this paint but since I have a ASCP stockist in town, I have been reluctant to drive many miles to get some CeCe Caldwell paint. I do love their colors. I think I will have to make a drive after the holidays!

Jennifer Wright said...

Nickol and I are so glad that you love the paint! You can find us on Facebook at MockingbirdHeights2012 or our website is www, where you can see all the colors and their great names. We also ship if you don't live local. Let us know if you have any questions about the paint or waxes.

NanaDiana said...

The piece turned out great. I have not tried the paint yet. Have you used ASloanCP yet? Any comparisons? I love that it sold right away. xo Diana

Dear Baby said...

I have only painted one piece of furniture and didn't let it cure enough before setting the printer on it so it has marks from the printer base. Bummer.
Now I want to paint my worn coffee table and keep seeing that people use this wax chalk paint and I wonder how durable it is for furniture? Seems you need pretty durable paint as you will be setting cups and stuff on furniture as opposed to walls, see I am really inexperienced.

Magic Brush said...

Dear Baby - the wax offers great durability for the tops of furniture. Sometimes its a matter of putting things too soon on top. Most paints take 30 days to "cure" after that they shoudnt leave marks! Thanks for your comment!

Jennifer Wright said...

Oh yeah and we sell the sample jar for only $7.50 =D

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