Monday, December 3, 2012

The little Italian stenciled cabinet that wasnt

We recently painted this cute little cabinet that I currently have for sale at The Red Apron.
When I got it, it looked like this.....

Yikes....she was an ugly little thing!
So we painted her, glazed her and I decided to add my "Italian stencil" to the front of her.

I loved how these chairs turned out so much....that a reuse of the stencil seemed in order.

I thought it turned out so well!!!!

So I showed off our little "Italian cabinet" on Facebook. 
And wrote this blog post about our amazing "Italian chairs".
And oh by the way..... I sold the amazing "Italian chairs" to an Italian family who I am close friends with.

And then.................... I got blog comment from a sweet blog follower who pointed out....... "your stencil is French".  WHAT??? No way!

So, I sheepishly texted the new owner of the chairs (who is thankfully a friend). And she confirmed that stencil is French.  She just must not have had the heart to tell me.

So I tried to go back in time to Mrs. Fertig's French 1 and French II class....

And to my French field trip to Quebec, Canada. 

I really do remember a few French words....more than just the cuss words I swear!

But I don't remember any of these words.

Nonetheless, why did I think it was Italian????????

I should be hanging my non-bi-lingual head in shame.

And yet I'm not.  Cuz' it's still stinkin' any language.

Thank you for not judging me on my litte faux pas.

See.... I still remember some French!

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