Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tennis anyone? My tennis racket mirror creation

This craft could quite possibly be the hardest I have ever had to photograph!!!!  It's an antique tennis racket with a mirror in the middle to hang on a little girl's bedroom wall.

Gluing a mirror to tennis strings is quite possibly the most challenging gluing situation I have ever run into. 

Gluing this thing involved Pyrex bowls at the perfect weight, Tupperware at the perfect height and several other household items like a leather punch, my daughter's Hello Kitty bowl and an old bath towel. All just to position it perfectly for gluing!


Jeesh! Who knew adhering a mirror to tennis strings would be so challenging??

I felt like MacGwyver by the time it was over!

Hobby Lobby clearanced their paper flowers.

And I am addicted to Hobby Lobby.

Therefore, I am addicted to Hobby Lobby clearance.

So the paper flower addition seemed perfect to finish off my mirror!

And I sold one the first day it was for sale at the Red Apron! Super happy about that!

Happy tennis y'all


Iprefervintage said...

Next time cut a board or a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the mirror. Then glue them toghether with the tennis strings in between the two. Liquid nail would probably work perfect because it is so thick.

Terrific idea. I really like the finished product.

Sylvia said...

I prefer vintage beat me to it. Cute idea.

Hetty said...

Such a creative idea! I am on the look out for vintage tennis rackets..

Milliscent Morgan said...

Oh it's really nice! I love the info and the photos at the same time but supposedly I'm looking forward to see the post of banquet entertainer. Thanks!

onlinephduk said...

I think we are all secretly and shamefully addicted to Hobby Lobby. How could we not be? I like the tennis racket mirror. It is a different take on traditional child mirrors. Where did you come up with the idea for this?

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